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Project ideas with your children promote literacy skills this spring or summer

May 10


The months of spring and summer offer a unique opportunity to combine reading skills into activities. Projects at home to improve literacy can help your child keep their mind busy and sharp while engaging in interesting and engaging activities. Making comic strips, combining theatre activities, and planning menus are all crafts that promote reading and writing skills - as well as freeing children’s imagination.


Looking for a way to keep your child engaged while still having fun during the spring and summer months? Continue reading to learn three activities brought to you by Richard, Education Expert at The Profs Tutors, that will help you improve their literacy skills:


Comic strips are a great spring or summer literacy project.

A comic strip craft can be a fun method to get kids to improve their literacy skills. Read a beloved book together, and then have your youngster draw a comic strip to reproduce the plot. As kids transform what they've read into their own version, they use their visual abilities and improve their understanding. You could also ask your student to make comics that expand on the plot of one of their favourite books or characters. They can also build their own stories from scratch. Regardless, take your youngster to the library or bookshop to select examples of comics and graphic novels that will pique their interest in reading and creating.


Reader's theatre is a great spring or summer literacy exercise.

Reader's theatre is a kind of theatre in which actors read lines from a script rather than memorising them. This is a fantastic way for your kid to enhance their fluency and vocabulary while still having fun and expressing themselves creatively. Essentially, the purpose of this activity is to read the story's lines in the moment while playing out the dialogue in unique ways. To better highlight the story they will be presenting, your child can make props and costumes out of everyday materials. Online scripts are available for free, or you and your child can write your own. Acting out words and sentences can assist pupils in better understanding vocabulary ideas that they may have previously struggled with.


Book creation is a great spring or summer literacy project.

Writing and illustrating projects can benefit young children because they allow them to obtain a better understanding of the meanings of everyday words in a fun and engaging way. Your student can create a variety of written pieces, including:


A menu for a fictitious eatery

A newspaper that reports on developments in the home.

An adventure story.


Encourage your child to use his or her imagination while choosing materials for this activity. They can use watercolours, paints, oil pastels, or a variety of other creative mediums to make the images. If your child asks for help with a word, assist them in sounding it out but don't offer them the answer, in order to allow them to come to the correct conclusion on their own.